Friday, June 18, 2010

3000 minutes later

oh i suck at this thing. i've been insane busy the past few months. so since chicago i have graduated from high school and enjoyed the first few weeks of my summer. graduation was perfect there really is nothing like getting dressed up in a ridic outfit and parading in front of 8000 people which you and 589 of your closet friends supposedly know. but really graduation from high school is a pretty big mile stone and i'm proud that i made it. :)
last day of school was followed by last day for school party which is always a blast this year w
as no exception i tend to have the best friends in the world i mean really who wouldn't want to hang out with me. jk jk.
the next day i got my wisdom teeth taken out which really just wasn't a fun experience but thats over now so i ain't gonna complain.
Oh and then one of my best friends from my mayo trip ness came for a visit and we didn't do a whole lot. but i had a blast.
the next week was FX aka family experience at my church. and i don't really know but it was frakin awesome. that is for sure
Then this past week was My last CYOKAMO as a
camper ever. that is crazy sad. geez i mean after like 9 years of camp and this is it. i just wow. but it was an amazing week this week. our Youth Group bonded which was crazy needed. THUG LIFE 2010. fcc is gonna be just fine. and i have so much faith in their future. also i made a huge decision kids:

after helping around stuff this year and going to TCC i will be transferring to Manhattan Christian College :) it feels more right then staying home this year felt.

also i had a job interview wednesday so lets pray i get the job bc i need the money. bad.

things in my life are going well. great actually. i'll try to update more often.

love and rockets,

this is my family. they are the best thing to ever happen to me. i will do anything for them.

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