Monday, May 3, 2010


This weekend was amazing. thursday night the entire pride of owasso left for Chicago. after sleeping on the softest bus partner Alyssa Kile the whole way there i felt rested...kinda. our first stop in chicago was an outdoor mall which i guess is common in other parts of the country but thats not really something we have here so that was much fun to see. We got checked into our hotel where we had a sick room lol. with a cool sink. We to dinner at this pizza place and i had my first taste of Chicago pizza. which i think is the best pizza i have ever had. ever. with the coolest table ever. Then i got to see Blue man group! it was breathtaking. I loved every minute of it. Saturday i got up early and headed to the competition. Where we dominated. All of the Owasso bands got superior ratings, and wind ensemble won best woodwinds and best PERCUSSION! and alot of people got soloist awards. it was awesome. Lunch that day i went to the most AMAZING place ever. ESPNZONE!!!! there was sports on everywhere even in the bathrooms! it was awesome. got to eat good food and play video games. The night we went to Ed Debevics which is one of those restraunts where they are rude to you on purpose. It was the funnest thing that has ever happened ever. and if you weren't there then i can't describe it. that night we got to go to sleep early thank goodness cause i was dead tired. Sunday we spent the day at six flags. Which i was nervous about because i hate roller coasters. but i rode most of them and hung out with the dl boys. who are amazing and i love very much.So this trip sounds amazing so far right? yea well i'm not done. the best thing w
e did was go to the skydeck at Willis Tower(formally sears tower). 103 floors in the air and you can see the whole city. i had tears in my eyes. then they had they clear glass floors you could walk out on and it looked like you were standing in the air. it was so scary. but while i was standing out on this glass thing shaking it hit me that i have the whole wide world in front of me. and that i can do anything i want in this world but that none of it would matter if i didn't have people around me that i love. so i looked around at all of my friends. the ones that have never left my side. the ones who love me for me. and no joke i let a tear fall. but a happy tear. so thank you. Alyssa Kile, Ben Pingel, John Gagner, Amanda Smith, Scott Jones, Davis Ward, Austin Bewley, Max Neimeyer, Shelby Knudson, Kelsey Skidmore, Jason Boggs, Phillip McCoy, Sean Lauby, Audrey Running, and everyone else that i can't think of right now for making this trip the best ever. and for everything you all have done for me through the years. you guys are amazing

love and rockets,

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