Friday, February 4, 2011

It's the time for a long update

So i guess i should update how my life is lately. mistakes are painful but they are the only way to find out who you truly are. i promise from here on out nothing is ever going to be the same. December was a very long month for me. I got into some trouble and its something im going to be paying for for a very long time. but it taught me a lot of lessons. I have had a lot of trials in my life but most of support has had to be from an illness. this time i needed support when i didn't deserve it. I needed love and people to stick up for me even though there wasn't a fiber of my body that deserved it. but because God has blessed me with such amazing people in my life i can honestly say i don't think i lost a single friend. and that is cool. did people i didn't know judge me and say things ya of course but my amazing people stood up for me. and that is something so humbling that i don't even know how to say thank you.
December also brought some very very good things. Like i got to see all my friends that came home from college. like Bex. Becca is my best friend. but we have one of the most unique friendships i have ever even heard of. See we don't have to talk everyday. Its wonderful when we get to, but we can go weeks without talking but somehow that status of being best friends doesn't change. I don't know how but somehow its like we have been threw so much that distance and time just doesn't effect us. its kinda awesome. Also her boy Andy is super cool. Andy is like this crazy smart kid. But he is also kind of like a Giant teddy bear. He has my back because im beccas best friend and he doesn't let me forget that. He is a genuine good guy. There aren't enough of those out there. Idk there was lots of people. and getting to just forget about life for a few days with them is super awesome.
Oh and i got to go see Julia. Now jules is someone i met in minnesota and she is probably one of the strongest people i know. She lives in La Canada, CA which is like right next to LA. I got to go to the beach and meet her amazing family. Gah her family like opened their home to me. Her twin sister like hung out with me even though she didn't know me and was having a rough week. Her older sister natalie is so cool. and her mom is just the kindest person i have ever met. defiantly a much need break from oklahoma. And CA i def hope to live in you someday.
January well January has been a month of job searching. I NEED A JOB BAD but that pre mentioned trouble is complicating that. So if you read this and can help me out please let me know. Also This month brought my best friend Ashley Nicole Stump winning homecoming queen. Now, Ash is probably the best person i know in the fact that i think she would take a bullet for a stranger. And she has made my walk with christ so much better. Ash is like the person i want to be when i get older. and she is younger then me. She is gonna be famous i promise you that. She deserved Queen. Feb is the month that brought 30 INCHES OF SNOW! it was crazy. it still is. Gah.
well there is a brief update.
oh i almost forgot a big one. Because of the trouble and prayer actually i will be staying in state for a year before i head out of state. I will be attending Oklahoma State University in Stillwater Oklahoma. And i'll be living with Ms. Natalie Bayne.
love and rockets,

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