Sunday, October 31, 2010

surgery was is harder.

i want out of here so bad. i feel like i don't belong. i know i sorta do. but at least i don't anymore. owasso will always be my homme. it has shaped me in more ways then i would like to admit. but its time for me to get out of here. but for me that means working full time till august. then catching a plan to a place that i hope will allow to move on.

surgery went great. for the most part. now just trying to get back on my feet.

there is a big huge part of me that just wants to walk away from all of my past. the pain. and the life that pain caused me but someone tonight reminded me that my past isn't something to just leave. it made me amanda chitwood. and i kind of like the me i am. so halloween is fun bc i can pretend to be someone i'm not. but now its over and life is back to normal

love and rockets,

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