Monday, September 13, 2010


Top 10 things that made me smile today:
10- My dog razzie, who lately has become my best friend. always makes me smile.
9- The old man at the mall who opened up the door for me and told me to have a nice day even though he could barely walk.
8- Looking at shoes at the mall
7- the smell of barnes and noble
6- driving down the road with the windows down
5- Cherry Berry WITH STEPHERS!!!!
4- talking to an old friend... (actually this was last night)
3- Veronica Mars
2- Marissa Gomez's pictures of our weekend
1- talking to my mom in the morning like the good ole days.
0- Alex my little brother...he freaking rocks.

yea i could complain about why my life sucks. but that gets me nowhere. i have a million reasons to is ten.

love and rockets,

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