Thursday, April 19, 2012

Holla Back

its been almost a year since i posted. sorry about that. it would take me a year to tell you about the year i've had. honestly. it's been the best one yet. a million things have happened. To no one's surprise i find myself at Ozark Christian College. Studying to be a youth minister. hahaha. yea. like i said none of you are surprised. I have fallen hard for a boy named Zach. He has yet to meet the parents but thats next weekend. I have these two new friends who have rocked my view of biblical friendship. and idk. like i said there are a million things that have happened since i last talked to you guys: Football season (OSU and Patriots), OSU in general, Ozark, transitions, new friendships, lots of burned bridges.
I find myself on here today though because i was thinking about Mayo. and PRC. And everything i've been through. So i got on here to read some of my old stuff. and for some reason, today my past is heavy on my heart. I find myself thinking about how much i regret. and that's not healthy or good. So if you guys could just send a prayer up for me today. As i'm still wrestling with letting go and forgiving myself for stuff everyone else has already forgotten about. i would just appreciate it.
I love you guys and i promise that i'm going to keep everyone more updated on my life. It's important to record the good not just the bad.

as always
Love and Rockets,

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