Thursday, March 17, 2011

My week

So i have spent the last weekish in Chicago, Chi-town, whatever other names this incredible city has. I was on a mission trip with my church youth group. which really is like my family. honestly these adults and kids save my life on a daily basis. So i am a big adult now so.... i have found myself this week having to think threw things more then normal. not just act on my impulses like normally.
Uhm i guess you guys read this to know about my life. so i will try to explain to you what we did. Monday was an all day driving thing nothing really special happened. we saw sun, snow, rain, and one of the most beautiful sunsets i have ever seen.
Tuesday the 30 people in my group went to the Christian Youth Center. It was a place where kids could go just to hang out and stay off the streets. The thing was that the place really needed some help. We spent the entire day just cleaning. And where it wasn't the funnest job in the world. It was actually disgusting it felt good to help these people. also we got to demolish some stuff...and what is more fun the destroying things?
Wednesday was the day that i think just blew me away. We went to a homeless shelter in downtown and helped serve and cook lunch. if you want to know what happened this day ask me. but i can sum it up in a sentence. These aren't homeless people. These are people who happen to be homeless. They are people. AMAZING HAPPY PEOPLE. made me so greatful.
Today we just hung out in downtown chicago. Ash bought me some awesome shoes because she is awesome.
I also have been hanging out with my friend chessy. She is pretty much me. She is this little young inspirational person who reminds me of why i dream. She is the on person who like understands why i want out of this town you know. I can't really say it but i can tell you that we are going to be friends for a long time. We have only known eachother for a little over two months and i already feel like i have known her for a long time. She makes me laugh so stinking hard.
well that is all i have to say for now. but i love you guys.
love and rockets

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