Wednesday, March 24, 2010

thank you

this post is a shout out to people who have honestly changed my life. and i don't know how im suppose to say bye to in a day...

K- You are in one word inspiring. everyday i struggle through and each day you look me in the eyes and tell me to keep going bc everyone has tough times and somewhere someone out there is worse off then you. You tell me stories of things you have been through and i just see this amazing girl that all of life's tragedies has produced. I want to say thank you to you for being a role model and example to me. I will always always be there for you like you have for me. i sincerely hope i see you again soon

N- When i first met you i knew that you put off this tough shell but inside there was probably something amazing. You helped me invent Curtis. and have a personality that brightens rooms. you just don't seem to believe it. You really have this whole view on things that completely envy. I am serious about visiting you because i will miss you. a freaking lot. fo sho.

J- My favorite person from california. lol. well the only person cept your mom and sister that i know from cali. sorry that i distracted you everyday but i'm pretty sure that without you i never would have learned anything during those long lectures. You are going to be an amazing doc one day. or volleyball coach. that is my vote. and i'm also serious about going to the beach. and eating a california burger...whatev that is. oh and one day you will go to a rodeo.

gah i have everyone else i want to thank. but i just can't right now. i love you guys. and i really am going to have a hard time not being around you guys all the time. thank you for everything.

love and rockets,
for now,

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