Wednesday, March 10, 2010

tears fall

Today at 1 i had a meeting with the doctors who were suppose to be able to tell me if or if not they could fix me. They said they couldn't right now. They wanted to wait till my disease got worse...okay pause...WTF....worse? i don't want to get worse when you have a treatment that can fix me now. I don't so the doc said that i could talk to a at 330 i met the surgeon and he told me that the only thing that i could do is a very drastic surgery.

they would butterfly me open then take out my pancreas remove the islet cells then reinsert the islet cells and they produce insulin supposidly.

its a lot to think about it. and i just don't even know if i cna do it.

but i don't know if i can handle this right now. i saw my mom cry todayy. that was hard. i am always the strong one. always. but today even i almost shed a tear.


  1. Sorry to hear is a ((HUG))) from me! So many people are praying for you! I featured you on my blog today so don't be surprised if all my bloggin friends stop by to say hello soon. They are my prayer warriors! Wish I could come to the Mall of America! I have always wanted to do that! THough...I'm not really much of a shopper! It bores me. and prayers are coming at you! I LOVE YOU!

  2. My heart and prayers go out to you Chit. I know you really wanted this to make you better and to make it all be just a nightmare in the past. But I think you are learning a lot up there and it will turn out great in the end. Hang in there and enjoy the time with your mom and your new friends. Wish I could just pop in to see ya. Have fun this weekend with Ash.

  3. I am jumping over from Steph's blog, I am so sorry to read about all of your pain and big decisions that need to be made! I am praying for you, and that God has his hands all over your situation!

  4. Praying for you today.

    I remember (you probably don't) coming to see you in the hospital when you were much younger. So sorry this situation has continued this long. I still believe God has a plan. Tell your Mom and Dad Keith said "Hey!"

  5. I am so sorry. Just remember that we are all praying for you, Rhonda, Jeff and Alex. God is in control, we just have to keep lifting it all up to Him. I love you and wish that I could make it all better for you right now.

  6. Hey there. You don't know me, but I'm jumping over here from Steph's blog to let you know that I'll be lifting you up in prayer! God is in control and He does have a plan!
    That's so cool that you got to go to the Mall of America! I hear it's awesome!
    Remember you're in God's hands.
    God bless you and your family!