Wednesday, March 17, 2010


thought id give you guys a feel of what my day was like today:

8- phyc testing results...I AM COMPLETELY AVERAGE. thats fun right?
9- Listened to a guy talk about how he got addicted to drugs and his struggle to stay sober
10- Played bean bag and bball with the flying purple people eaters! thats right we schooled them.
11- listened to a drug consoler or whatev talk about how bad drugs are
12- pics and fun times with lasagna
1- BEST CLASS EVER with the funniest teacher ever
2- Physical therapy julia kayla and I owned that
3- Biofeedback Nessa and I dominated alien zits...don't ask
4- Went home

it's a good time here in minnesota but i miss everyone back home so much. thanks to steph T for the card that made me laugh really hard.

love and rockets,

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  1. Ur welcome...thought it was funny...sassy butt...:)
    Love ya...