Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mayo day 2

So for those of you who don't know i am currently sitting in Rochester, Minnesota at the world renown Mayo Clinic. Im here for a lot of different reasons. One is to attend this 3 week intense pain rehab clinic. Now there are also 15 other kids doing this with me, and i am scared that they will all turn out to be major weirdo's. I mean its hard not to be living with a chronic pain condition, but from my observations so far it is fairly obvious that uh...some of these people are obviously handling the whole being in pain thing a lot better then others. So i hope i turn out to meet some cool people here
Day 2 @ Mayo looks somewhat like this for me
8 AM- draw massive amount of blood from my body so that they can do some fun genetic tests.
830- Nothing quite like a nice phycological evaluation to wake you up
930- Biofeedback intro...don't ask me what that is i'll tell you later. hahaha
11- introscopic ultrasound. basically they are going to knock me out stick a tube down my throat and take a pic of my pancreas. Sounds like BALLS of fun
then the rest of the day i'm going to chill and try to do some of the dreaded homework

thanks for the continue prayers and support...if you're back in Otown please make sure my bro is kidding i know my dad has got that covered
miss and love you all


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  1. Yeah! So glad you are blogging this experience for us!! I almost suggested that to your mom...but I didn't know if that would overwhelm her! I LOVE TO BLOG!!! Hope you get thru this day with flying colors and not so many weirdo kids! :)
    Love and miss ya!